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From an un-loved lawn to a beautifully designed and crafted space that makes our garden a total joy.

We decided that we wanted our garden sorted out after years of simply not loving it enough. We didn’t know where to start, so called on Julie for help.

After an initial consultation we received the plans and ideas, and we both realised that we had been really listened to, regarding our likes and dislikes, future use of the space and our personalities.

We had a wobble at one point, and may not have gone ahead with the work, but Julie’s professionalism and passion got us to take the plunge and go for it.

The next stage was the build and landscaping, the guys from Original Landscapes who did the work were amazing and had the same passion for the work as Julie did.

What made the whole progress so great, was that we did not just end up with a new garden, but we got ‘Our New Garden’, with all the quirky little details that makes it special.

We still have some more planting to do in the Spring, but loving it already, and it looks so natural, like it has always been there. We love it!

Emma and Mike H


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