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Time to live the dream!  Even the smallest of gardens can allow you to think big – so by assessing what you have already, using some design techniques and some clever planting you can make the best of your plot, and of course it goes without saying I would be delighted to help you create your perfect garden.

Be bold!  Do not be afraid to create generous borders.  In a small garden the temptation is to create narrow borders around the outside edge of the lawn but have the courage to go big. 

Keep the number of plant varieties and your colour pallet simple.  Use three or four shades that complement each other and use plants that have scent, texture, form and structure to provide that all year-round interest and will attract wildlife into the garden.

Add a tree to give your garden height and to provide the perfect seasonal focal point.  A tree that has an ‘airy’ leaf canopy will make the space feel larger and as well as creating dappled summer shade, will make the birds happy.

Use vertical space in your garden to draw the eye upwards.  Use trellis or an obelisk to support clematis and other climbers, or even make use of a blank wall to plant a vertical growing space of ferns, salad crops or herbs.

Blur your garden boundaries using planting to disguise walls and fences, to give the illusion your space is larger, painting fences a dark colour will appear to recede and make the planting in borders in front pop with colour.

Divide your garden into areas to create a ‘journey’ around the space adding to the intrigue, maybe create a secret area that is masked from the rest of the garden where you can escape to for some peace and quiet?  Consider using trellis as a cost-effective way to create a screen that, when planted with a scented climber makes a perfect secret hideaway.

Using over-sized furniture and planters is an established design trick to make a space feel bigger, and do not be afraid to use colour to give a modern twist to your design.

Perhaps you are considering creating a new paved patio area?  Using large slabs with fewer joins for the eye to focus on will make the space feel bigger and consider the age and style of your house when choosing materials.  A new house will suit modern materials such as marble-effect porcelain and by using similar paving to that of the flooring inside the house, will create a seamless effect linking the two areas.

Add lighting to the garden to create shadows and texture after dark positioned to up light a specimen tree or shrub to give a special magical effect.  This does not have to be expensive to install.  The latest trend is ‘smart lighting’ which allows you to transform the look for your garden at the press of a button.

Consider a pergola to add that all important height to the garden, and create the perfect canopy for a dining area, giving the feeling a ‘room’ within the garden furnished with a dining table or comfortable outdoor seating.

Creating a Sunken or raised terrace area away from the house will give two quite different dimensions to the space.  Maybe you want to make the most of the view so a little extra height is important but sinking a space lower that then existing ground level, if your drainage is good, will give a cosy feel surrounded by planting at eye level, and adding a fire pit for that extra wow factor which will make the space usable into the small hours all year round. 

Finally, a water feature in your garden will not only provide you with hours of pleasure but will support the local wildlife.  Water has a relaxing sound that calms the senses but can also be used to blot out unwanted noise, like a busy road.  Position near to your seating or dining area or perhaps just out of sight, so that the sound of trickling water draws you to find it!

If  this article has inspired you to rejuvenate your garden borders, or give your existing garden a new look or maybe you have moved into a new build property and are feeling over-whelmed and need some inspiration?  Then why not view my latest projects and read the client testimonials here on my website or give me a call on 07899 710168 and I would be pleased to talk over your ideas to make your garden perfect.

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