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Including a water feature in your garden has many benefits; it creates movement, provides a relaxing sound that can help to mask un-wanted noise, for example the sound of a busy road and, importantly will encourage wildlife to visit you.

There are many self contained models available on the market to choose from suitable for even the smallest of spaces. You may require an electricity supply for some models, whilst others are solar powered so can be positioned anywhere. Some water features even come with lights incorporated into their design which allows them to be enjoyed after dark giving a different feel to the space around it.

Choose a design and material that complements your garden style, for example a more traditional stone fountain would better suit a formal garden giving an elegant feel, and with the passing of time will age naturally allowing moss to grow on its surface giving a sense of history. Whilst a modern stainless steel design would look more at home in a contemporary garden with its straight lines and reflective surface bouncing light around the space.

Water feature Scotts

Poly resin is a cheaper alternative and is both frost and UV resistant, this material is often used to create replicas of stone designs complete with that aged look but has the advantage of being less heavy to move around the garden!

For ease of installation many water features incorporate their own reservoir often positioned underground and safely out of the way of young children. Just keep an eye on the water level to ensure it does not run dry in hot weather and risk damaging your pump.

Talking of pumps, if one is not supplied with your water feature as part of the kit, ensure the one you purchase has enough oomph to circulate the water, too little power and you will only have a trickle of water, and too much will have you rushing to the toilet!

If space is tight, perhaps opt for a wall mounted design that is self contained with its own small reservoir which will need topping up regularly, perfect for a small courtyard garden.

Solar power models allow a flexible approach to installing a water feature in that you can put them anywhere that the sun rays reach to charge the battery for a number of hours each day. The advantage being as long as the sun shines, it is free to use and easy to install.

Water feature Sandhurst

Another idea to bring water into your garden is to use a stylish corten steel bowl; this will create a still reflective water effect, but consider adding a few pebbles to allow any wildlife that tumbles into the water to find its way out safely. We have one in our garden and the birds love it for bathing and having a drink.

Whichever style you choose, adding water will be a positive addition to your garden both for you and the wildlife to enjoy!

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