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Autumn is the perfect time of year to start planning your dream garden and the key to a successful project is in planning, so make yourself a cuppa and consider these points before you start.

Our winters tend to be milder and drier of late, making this is a good time to do any construction work in your garden, as a rule most of us don’t tend to use our gardens as much at this time of year, leaving us to enjoy our new garden during the warmer weather.

Existing plants will have died back making this the ideal time to relocate any plants or shrubs that need to be moved and cause less disruption to wildlife.

Take time to consider what you want from your outdoor space – do you want a place for entertaining, or for children to play, does the space need to include a ‘practical’ area to grow vegetables or store the recycling bins?

Get inspired – treat yourself to a garden magazine or go on-line and look at pinterest and instagram to get the latest ideas and trends, and then create a mood board of all your favourite things.

Consider what look you want for your garden when choosing your hard landscaping materials and see how they link to any existing surfaces and to your house.

Check out any underground services like water, gas and electric and how they might affect where you locate your new design.

What type of soil does your garden have? Remember right plant, right place! Check the plant label for ideal growing conditions before you buy.

Spend some time assessing how different weather conditions effect your garden – study which areas get the sun for the most part of the day, this is important when considering your seating areas, and remember to think about some shade to have somewhere to retreat when it gets too warm.

Consider asking for the help of a professional garden designer like myself to guide you through your project – I may offer ideas you had not thought about, and I can assist you with your plant choice.

Talk to your neighbours – make sure they don’t have any plans for their own garden which might affect your design.

Take advice with regard to any regulations. If you intend to remove any trees check they are not subject of any preservation order, and if you plan to build any structures check you don’t require building regulation approval from your local council.

Then all you need to do on those cold, wet winter evenings is to sit infront of the fire and choose all those gorgeous plants and accessories for your lovely new garden next Spring!

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