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Boundary walls and fences mark the edge of your property and form a major part of any design scheme. Your choice should complement the hard landscaping to create a harmonious effect, forming a back drop to your planting or a structure for climbers.

Trendy horizontal wooden fence panels used between brick walls or hedging looks striking, and by using a key plant or ornament in front of a section will focus attention on a particular area.

To update existing wooden lap larch fencing you can add a splash of paint.  There are so many great colours on the market - a shade to suit everyone’s taste.

Fixing trellis to an existing wooden panel fence at intervals along the length, will give a pleasing effect.  You could paint the trellis a different colour to the fence panel to make it stand out, or add a climber like clematis ‘Alionushka’ to soften the overall look.

Have you seen the metal laser cut garden screens?  These come with their own fixing posts and fittings to securely install them. To make the cut-out pattern really stand out you could paint a screen behind with a bright colour to compliment your garden scheme.

Alternatively, use them as they are to screen off an area of the garden, for example around a swimming pool or patio to give a contemporary look that is bang on trend.

Adding height to an existing brick wall can be done by using horizontal slats of wood secured to upright posts attached to the wall.   Use a hardwood like cedar, and vary the widths of the slats to add interest.

Rendered smooth walls painted with weatherproof paint will give a different feel to an area.  Using a warm colour like burnt orange will look striking, making your plant foliage zing and give a summer holiday feel to your space.

Blue is a calm colour which will make the area feel cool.  Pale shades reflect light, and when used with a carefully positioned mirror, will make the area seem larger.

Painting boundary fence panels a dark colour can seem a scary thing to do.  Be brave, it will have the effect of making your fencing ‘disappear’ and the planting in front really stand out.

Brick or stone boundary walls look great but are expensive to create, if your budget will not stretch to that consider the use of willow or hazel hurdles.  They look natural when used with planting and have a rustic feel.  They won’t last forever though, typically 5-10 years depending on weather conditions.

On Monday 1st April 2019 at 7.30 p.m. I will be visiting Chilthorne Domer Gardening Club to give a talk on Garden Border Design.  The Meeting is held at Chilthorne Domer Village Hall, guests welcome for a small charge!

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