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With all the festivities now behind us, it is the perfect time to start planning what you would like to do in your garden this year.

Maybe you plan to add some additional borders or revamp existing ones? Find space for a new specimen tree? or perhaps a complete re-design, now is the perfect time to make a start.

If you are planning new borders preparation is the key.  Ensure that you map out the area first and be as generous as you can with the space available, and consider the use of curved edges rather than straight lines.

Give some consideration to having as much all year round interest as possible so you always have something to look forward to.  Keep your colour palette simple; restrict the number of colours you use to avoid the border looking too busy.

Use plants with different leaf textures and shape.  Include an evergreen or two and perhaps a spiky leafed plant or one with glossy leaves this will provide some important structure for your border as well as a backdrop for other flowers.

Make sure you include some fragrant plants within your planting, particularly if the border is near to a seating area, a path, or a window where you can take full advantage of the aroma.

Consider carefully the aspect and your soil conditions.  Is the area dry and sunny or damp and shady?  There is a plant that will suit them all, but do your research first or ask for advice at the garden centre.

Maybe it is time to re-consider your garden as a whole?  Perhaps your children have now grown up and a football pitch and space for play equipment are no longer a priority?  Is it now time for some “you space”? 

Perhaps you are not as agile as you once were, I know I’m not, and you are looking to minimise the work and maximum the pleasure you get from your garden?

Whichever it is, a good garden design will enhance your life and provide you with years of pleasure, and it goes without saying, I would be happy to help you with your plans.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead – I have several exciting projects that are all at various stages from the drawing board to the landscaper starting on site as I write, and with planting to follow in the spring.

I am planning to do a show garden again this year so need to come up with a design and find a sponsor, so if you are feeling generous give me a call!

I have a trip planned with my mum to Chelsea Flower Show in May.  My talented Garden Design tutor Michelle Brown is exhibiting an Artisan Garden at the show this year, and I wish her the best of luck.

I now have my own Instagram Account sandhurst_garden perhaps you would like to follow me?

On Tuesday 7th February I am giving a talk at Mudford Gardening Club, about Garden Border Design.  Guests are welcome for a small admission charge and the venue is at Mudford Village Hall, BA21 5TE at 7.30 p.m.

Happy New Year and until next time


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