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Artists impression of BBC Gardeners World Live garden design

Not long now until we head off to BBC Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC between 13-16th June to exhibit our showcase garden, Stop and Smell the Flowers. The showcase gardens offer visitors to the show take home ideas for their own garden as well as a planting idea or two.

So now is time to live the dream! Even the smallest of gardens can allow you to think big – so by assessing what your garden has to offer and using some clever design and planting tricks, you can make the best of your plot, and it goes without saying, I would be delighted to help you create your perfect garden www.sandhurstgardendesign.co.uk.

Be bold! Do not be afraid to create generous borders. In a small garden the temptation is to have narrow borders around the edge of the lawn but have the courage to go big and even add a curve or two.

Keep the number of plant varieties to 5 or 7, and use different shades that complement each other repeated through the borders, remember to use plants that offer scent, texture, and form that give your border all year round structure and remember those important pollinators when choosing your plants, look out for the special labels at your local garden centre, or ask for advice.

Add a tree to your garden. It will provide you with height, seasonal interest and make the birds happy. A delicate leaf canopy during the sizzling summer months will provide welcome shade, and in the autumn months, depending on the variety, glorious shades of red, orange, and yellow to admire.

Use the vertical space in your garden. A trellis positioned against a wall or an obelisk in the border will give support to a climber or two and increase the amount of planting space.

Blur those garden boundaries, use planting to disguise walls and fences, and talking of fences, consider painting them black – I can hear you gasp, but the effect will be they will recede into the background, and allow your plant colours to really pop.

Divide your garden into areas or zones for vegetable growing, a children’s play area and a relaxing seating area with comfortable furniture or dining table, complete with scented plants and consider soft lighting for use after dark.

When choosing paving for your patio or connecting paths, choose a style and colour that complements the house and make sure it is slip resistant and installed by a professional.

So now you have ideas to get you started and before long you will be living that garden dream!

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