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Home grown vegetables in a garden trug

As we enter the month of March the days are lengthening and hopefully becoming warmer, so now is the perfect time to sow seeds.

If you have a greenhouse or if not, a sunny windowsill will suffice, there are lots of seeds you could try for tasty home grown produce to enjoy later in the year. How about giving tomatoes or lettuce a try? 

Perhaps your passion is flowers so why not have a go at sowing annual or half-annual seeds and plant them outside when the risk of frost has passed.

If you subscribe to a gardening magazine each month, like me, you will have accumulated quite a collection of free seed packets. Who does not like the delicious scent of sweet peas or gorgeous colours of Zinnia? 

Plant sweet pea seeds in deep pots or modules to allow for their long root run, in peat free compost anytime between October and March. When the time is right plant, these little beauties outside using hazel poles or bamboo canes to create a wigwam in the ground or in a large pot and then look forward to bunches of pastel-coloured sweet peas in the summer. 

Andrew, my husband, tells how he remembers as a child his mum grew sweet peas up an old apple tree in their garden and that he would take bunches of them to his teacher, which is better than an apple in my eyes any day!

Now for the news I promised ………... We have been selected to exhibit a show garden at BBC Gardeners’ World Live at The NEC in June, and the garden title is ‘Stop and Smell the Flowers.’

My inspiration for the garden is to spread the word that ‘it is good to talk.’ In a world full of technology and faceless interaction with people, finding the time to sit a while, talk with others, and appreciate the beauty of nature all around us is important for our wellbeing.

The show runs from 13th to 16th June and tickets are on sale now at The show ticket combines entry to the BBC Good Food Show so there really is something for everyone and would make an ideal present gift for Father’s Day, so if you are planning to visit, please come and say hello to us. 

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