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Raking autumn leaves in the garden

The nights have really started to draw in and I have noticed a chill in the mornings when I step outside!

In November there are still plenty of jobs you can do to prepare your garden for winter. If you have not already aerated your lawn using a pitchfork or special aerating sandals (shoes with spikes) that are available to buy, then it is not too late to do that – aeriation does what it says on the tin, allows air to enter the soil to promote good health and help prevent compaction of the soil.

To further promote the health of your lawn use a rake to remove moss and thatch from the grass, a job guaranteed to help you build up a sweat! If you gather plenty of moss, maybe use some to dress the top of your bulb containers which will make them look attractive as well as protecting the bulbs.

If you have trees in or around your garden, you will certainly have lots of fallen leaves. Another job guaranteed to warm you up is to rake up the leaves, and if you have space store them in jute sacks, and after a couple of years’ you will have lovely homemade leaf mould that you can put back into your garden.

Finally, if you still have any energy left, November onwards is the perfect time to move deciduous shrubs in the garden and divide perennials.

At the time of writing, we still have some late summer colour in the containers in our garden. I am loathed to take out these plants until I really must so I can enjoy the plants for as long as possible, in the end I think Jack Frost will make this decision for me.

Once these containers are clear, I have all my tulip bulbs ready to go in and dwarf wallflowers to plant on top that will give me colour until the bulbs appear in the spring.

Before I go, we have some exciting news to share – the Container Garden we exhibited at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May has been shortlisted for The Pro Landscaper Awards in The Temporary Installation Category to be held in London in November.

We are keeping our fingers crossed, but whatever the outcome we feel very proud that our garden has been recognised by the judges of these prestigious awards, and for us it is the perfect culmination to what has been a very exciting year.

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