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As I am writing my article it is a gloriously sunny and very mild day, not at all seasonal for mid-November. I have been in the garden, trying to bring myself to tidying up the last of the summer perennials that are still in flower, it is hard to cut them back, but I need the space if I am to get my spring bulbs planted – a nice dilemma to have!

Reflecting on 2022 as the year draws to and end, weatherwise it has been ‘unusual’. The long, extremely hot, and dry spell we had in July and August effected the plants in the garden hugely – plants you would normally consider would have fared well in the conditions did not, and others were a surprise pulling out all the stops.

Then in early autumn we had a ‘false spring.’ Many of the shrubs in the garden that had shed leaves during the hot spell, then decided it was spring, and started to produce buds.

Mother nature is a clever old stick so I am sure that she will sort herself out, but like her, we as gardeners will have to adapt to these changes to our seasons and think carefully about our plant choices for the future.

Sandhurst Garden Design has had a busy year with lots of new clients who I have designed gardens for, and that have been built and planted ready for them to enjoy. Other clients have asked for help with re-vamping existing garden borders, which I am always happy to do either with advice or re-design.

We were delighted to be back exhibiting a show garden at Taunton Flower Show in August, perhaps you visited the show? Our garden entitled ‘Time to Reflect’ won a gold medal for the Best Show Garden and we were presented with the Western Daily Press Cup.

I have also been busy giving garden related talks to local W.I Groups and Gardening Clubs which is something I really enjoy doing. So, if you are a Club Secretary and looking for a speaker, then give me a call.

Please explore my website for contact details and photographs of the projects we have designed and built and to read testimonials from our clients or if you are considering a garden project yourself next year, remember – the early bird catches the worm!

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